North Bay HikesRagle RanchAnnadel State ParkBothe Napa Valley State ParkNapa River Ecological PreserveAlston ParkWestwood Hills ParkMaxwell FarmsSonoma Valley Regional ParkJack London State ParkCrane Creek Regional ParkFoothill Regional ParkShiloh RanchBodega HeadSonoma Coast State BeachArmstrong RedwoodsAustin CreekPinnacle Gulch Coastal AccessRobert Louis Stevenson State ParkSugarloaf Ridge State ParkSkyline Wilderness ParkFort BakerCascade Canyon Open Space PreserveTerra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide (north)White Hill Open Space PreserveIgnacio Valley Open Space PreserveStafford Lake County ParkBolinas Lagoon PreserveTomales Bay State ParkFive Brooks TrailheadSan Pedro Mountain Open Space PreserveSkywalker EasementHelen Putnam Regional ParkSanta Margarita Open Space PreserveSanta Venetia Marsh Open Space PreserveBlithedale Summit Open Space PreserveMarshall Beach TrailheadTerra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide (south) Open Space PreservePacheco Valle Open Space PreserveLas Gallinas Wildlife PondsBear Valley TrailheadLittle Mountain and Verissimo HillsMaurice Thorner MemorialOld St. Hilary'sLucas Valley Open Space PreserveSky Trailhead, Point ReyesIndian Tree Open Space PreserveOlompali State Historic ParkPalomarin Trailhead, Point ReyesSamuel P. Taylor State ParkGary Giacomini Open Space PreserveRoys Redwoods Open Space PreserveLoma Alta Open Space PreserveIndian Valley Open Space PreserveDeer Island Open Space PreserveEstero Trailhead, Point ReyesRush Creek Open Space PreserveMount Burdell Open Space PreserveRing Mountain Open Space PreserveChina Camp State ParkChimney Rock Trailhead, Point ReyesAbbotts Lagoon Trailhead, Point ReyesMuddy HollowMount Tamalpais State ParkMarin Municipal Water DistrictMarin Headlands/GGNRABarbier ParkBothin MarshTiburon Uplands Nature PreserveBaltimore Canyon Open Space PreserveAlto Bowl Open Space PreserveKing Mountain Open Space PreserveCamino AltoTubbs IslandTomales PointKehoe BeachAngel Island State Park
Parks & Preserves:
GIF map of Marin County and part of Solano County

Alto Bowl Open Space Preserve (44)
Alston Park (22)
Angel Island State Park (74)
Annadel State Park (12)
Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve (27)
Austin Creek State Recreation Area (70)
Baltimore Canyon Open Space Preserve (41)
Barbier Park (36)
Blithedale Summit Open Space Preserve (40)
Bodega Head (68)
Bolinas Lagoon Preserve, Audubon Canyon Ranch (53)
Bothe-Napa Valley State Park (1)
Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve (37)
Camino Alto Open Space Preserve (55)
Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve (69)
China Camp State Park (23)
Crane Creek Regional Park (47)
Deer Island Open Space Preserve (14)
Foothill Regional Park (48)
Fort Baker (39) UPDATED
Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve (4)

GGNRA (Marin Headlands) (5)
Gerbode Valley Trailhead
Muir Beach Trailhead
Rodeo Beach Trailhead
Tennessee Valley Trailhead

Helen Putnam Regional Park (46)
Ignacio Valley Open Space Preserve (64)
Indian Tree Open Space Preserve (10)
Indian Valley Open Space Preserve (8)
Jack London State Historic Park (63)
King Mountain Open Space Preserve (45)
Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds (31)
Little Mountain Open Space Preserve (29)
Loma Alta Open Space Preserve (9)
Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve (3)

Marin Municipal Water District (7)
Bon Tempe Trailhead
Carson Falls
Cataract Falls
Deer Park
Phoenix Lake Trailhead
Rock Spring Trailhead
Sky Oaks Trailhead

Maurice Thorner Memorial Open Space Preserve (28)
Maxwell Farms Regional Park (61)
Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve (16)

Mount Tamalpais State Park (6)
East Peak
Mountain Home
Muir Woods Road
Stinson Beach  

Muir Woods National Monument
Mountain Home Trailhead
Muir Woods Road Trailhead

Napa River Ecological Reserve (58)
Old St. Hilary's Open Space Preserve (15)
Olompali State Historic Park (26)
Pacheco Valle Open Space Preserve (32)
Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access (71)

Point Reyes National Seashore
Abbotts Lagoon Trailhead (17)
Bear Valley Trailhead (30)
Bull Point Trailhead (72) coming soon
Chimney Rock Trailhead (18)
Estero Trailhead (19)
Five Brooks Trailhead (51)
Kehoe Beach Trailhead (73)
Marshall Beach Trailhead (35)
Muddy Hollow Trailhead (13)
Palomarin Trailhead (20) UPDATED
Sky Trailhead (11)
Tomales Point Trailhead (57)

Ragle Ranch Regional Park (60)
Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve (21)
Roy's Redwoods Open Space Preserve (2)
Rush Creek Open Space Preserve (24)
Samuel P. Taylor State Park (25)
San Pedro Mountain Open Space Preserve (50)
Santa Margarita Open Space Preserve (43)
Santa Venetia Marsh Open Space Preserve (42)
Shiloh Ranch Regional Park (34)
Skyline Wilderness Park (77)
Skywalker Easement (49)
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Kortum Trail (67)
Sonoma Valley Regional Park (62)
Stafford Lake County Park (54)
Robert Louis Stevenson State Park (75)
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (76)
Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Open Space Preserve (north) (66)
Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Open Space Preserve (south) (33)
Tiburon Uplands Nature Preserve (38)
Tomales Bay State Park (52)
Tubbs Island, San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge (56)
Verissimo Hills Open Space Preserve (29)
Westwood Hills Wilderness Park (59)
White Hill Open Space Preserve (65)

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